Budawatta School of Performing Arts

Budawatta Dance institute is a well-recognized aesthetic institute in Sri Lanka, specializing students in Sri Lankan traditional and modern dancing.

Although learning basics in dancing is quite simple for many students, the power to go beyond the limits and to become professional dancers with recognition is a long process. The institute opens up doors for new styles and creative ideas of experienced dancers, to bring up wonders of their abilities in dance.

We balance technical training with each individual’s creativity for total dance enjoyment. We offer beginners’ classes for students with no prior training. Continuing classes enable further skill development.

Whether you choose dancing as a hobby while studying something more academic or you embrace it as a full-time activity, our course would be an experience that can only have a positive impact on your life. We make you feel that it is a healthy, fun activity to do which can help you to learn to focus your mind. During the course, students are given many opportunities to perform at regular events  and are encouraged to participate in many of the community arts projects.

More than merely teaching dance, the program instills life and learning skills and encourages children to believe in themselves, to value artistic expression, and to develop a personal standard of excellence.

Admin at present

Mrs. Nemali Budawatta

Kulasiri Budawatta’s accord with his spouse Nemali, synchronized their talents, passion and exotic personalities, also shaped a pinnacle where dance have never been identical since. She is the zealous, indomitable escort, which stirred his life throughout this extensive voyage towards success being, the co-director and choreographer for the company. Being a teacher at a leading government school for more than 30 years, she edifies the entire realm, spreading her knowledge nationwide.

Mr. Rangana & Mrs. Ashini

The nativity of their son& daughter, Rangana and Ashini holds the foremost position in the dance company administration and management currently.  Gifted with the entire flair of their parents along with their vast knowledge in contemporary techniques, they exploits their talent in dance and music choreography to craft distinctive dance routines bring into play by the troupe.