Dance for all occasions

Traditional Dance Performances

Traditional Dance Performances

The gleaming traditional dances are magnificently executed along with the rhythm supplied by the traditional drum beats, which are spectacularly whishing with traditional melodies. We offer you an insight into the vibrant culture of Sri Lanka, which has been handed down over the generations.

Corporate Events (Contemporary and Modern)

Budawatta Dance Troupe demeanors a vast array of diverse projects, consistent with the requisites of clients. We integrate our choreography with other forms of art such as theater, sculpture, visual arts and music composition, furthermore we also attempt on other related factors like stage management (lighting, sounds, etc). With solid experience and amenities of culture, accordingly with the fluctuation of preferences, we endow our patrons with unending vistas of exclusively customized dance choreography to make any event tantalizing.

International Portfolio

Possessing a strong international client base, Budawatta Dance Troupe maintains a high profile across the borders, providing promising performances depicting Sri Lankan culture over the years of existence. Furthermore, the troupe offers multi-cultural performances that enhances the feel of peace among hearts, which is truly appreciated at international events. The troupe also conducts workshops for foreigners, for them to get anauthenticimpression of Sri Lankan dance cultures.

Weddings and Special Celebrations

We offer an assortment of wedding associated services, inclusive of Ashtaka Chanters for poruwa ceremony, Jayamangala Gatha singers, welcoming processions for bride and groom and dance performances as per the patron’s constraints, during the ceremony or any other celebration to make it irresistible and memorable lifelong.

CSR and other

Budawatta Dance troupe affiliates itself in a range of charitable occasions in various circumstances with the vision of enhancing the physical and mental health of the society and its people.

About Us

Since 1959 The Budawatta Dance Troupe and has been performing professionally with the vision of promoting the exotic traditional dances of Sri Lanka, differentiating themselves from other dance troupes, leveraging on the knowledge of traditional Sri Lankan classical and folk dance, fused with all kinds of Indian and contemporary dance styles.
Budawatta Dance Troupe possesses members with various cultural backgrounds and dancing skills, and provides outstanding, reliable, confident and professional dancers to make any event irresistible. Carving a niche, the troupe’s wonderful performances have not only won the hearts of the audiences, but also facilitated and enhanced diplomatic relations between many countries and their cultures.

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